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Marketing stuff your boss thinks you know

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  • What caused the increase in engagement?
  • How do you set up a brainstorm that will bring new and creative ideas?
  • Explain the difference between quantitative and qualitative analytics?
  • How did you bring the six Ps into play when creating your marketing strategy?
  • SWOT, SMART, TOW — what were your results?

Pizza break: Uncover business opportunities using image recognition technology

  • How was social data used to determine European cities for expansion?
  • How did image recognition technology help with menu choices?
  • Local and cultural insights targeted the menu. How were they found?
  • How much cheese is too much cheese?

How to create marketing campaigns that impact

  • How did ASOS sift through 82,000+ posts to find the perfect influencers?
  • Which AI tool did Explore Canada use to find the most engaging marketing image?
  • Artichoke water… yuck! How did A+ Water change the sentiment of people like me?
  • What’s the Mexican influence?

Do you speak social media?

  • What do the following statements mean? Go ahead, AMA!I have an appointment with a psychiatrist to discuss my FOMO.DM me your MT, and I’ll RT.
  • Which definition is correct?Dark Social is a cocktail party that takes place late evening.Dark Social is content shared through private channels. Dark Social is an English goth band formed in London.
  • True or false? Using SEM, SMA, SML, SMM, and SMO, will depreciate your bottom line.

# # # # # Trending hashtags # # # # #

  • On Instagram, find the hashtag relevant to your industry that’s trending right now
  • For any social platform — find the most popular hashtag for your industry, over the last 7 days*
  • A consumer has shared an image of your brand without mentioning your name. How would you find this image and exploit the hashtags they have included?




A member of the @Talkwalker content team. Find her on Twitter — @megzcarpenter.

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Meg Carpenter

Meg Carpenter

A member of the @Talkwalker content team. Find her on Twitter — @megzcarpenter.

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